Codsall, Wolverhampton
Steel overbridge on brick abutments at Codsall Station platform. Works included grit blasting of all the metal work areas and re-painting, metal stitching of cracked parapets and caps, re-pointing of the abutment and wing walls, core drilling through the wing wall to install total drainage systems and waterproofing of the main deck under main line closure.
famous people Thame, Oxford
Steel rail bridge on brick abutments. Work included brick work re-casing and specialist stitching, installing new cill beams, removal and re-installation of new steel bridge decking, new drainage systems to surrounding areas of the railway embankments.

Wolverton Milton Keynes
Bridge strengthening work to the main road bridge including working within OHLE. Works included steel fixing, shuttering works, pouring/pumping of specialist concrete to 6 piers all carried under severe time restraints.Brick works to adjoining canal bridge, concrete finishing, road surface removal and re-instatement and waterproofing of the bridge deck.

Water Orton, Birmingham
Total regeneration of a public footbridge including lifting and removing of the main span to secured area where Grit blasting took place, installation of new deck walkway designed by our own department and made at the Jilland Fabrication Shop was successfully carried out. On completion of the works Jilland were awarded a mechanical maintenance package on Network Rail’s Midland Zone.


Wolverton Station – Nr Milton Keynes

Jilland’s Fabrication Plant manufactured the steel pan shutterings designed to encompass the bridge support columns, complete with purposely purchased rubber gaskets to seal these shuttering assemblies when bolted together. The fabricated units were manufactured pro-rata for the assembly on site to suit the requirements of the rail “Shut Down” periods.

Conveyor - Buxton Lime Quarry

Jilland’s Fabrication Plant manufactured the complete Conveyor Structure,
and with their large Stocking Area, were able to assemble the Conveyor’s main
infra-structure ready for a prompt installation.

Electric Building – Cottam Power Station
Jilland’s own Fabrication Plant manufactured the complete 80 tonne carcase structure, adding to it all the Durbar flooring and staircases complete with their attached kickflats. All materials were shot-blasted and primed prior to their assembly on site. Production and deliveries of the Structure/Building were programmed to suit the requirements of the installation teams.
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