As a quality conscious company, the Jilland Group have been accredited to the internationally recognised Quality Assurance Awards.

The Jilland Group have developed and implemented high-level Quality Assurance and Management Systems and the use of Key Performance Indicators to monitor and assess corporate quality, time, productivity, safety, construction cost, construction time and client satisfaction, ensuring our goal of continuous improvement. pokemon rule 34

These are divided into four main separate but co-joined sections, namely:

1. Management Responsibility
The implementation of specific responsibilities required to attain a safe and efficient business operation and maintain compliance with all legislative, industry and corporate standards.

2. Resource Management
The processes and procedures necessary for the safe deployment of all resources employed by the Company.

3. Management of Processes to Deliver End Product
The procedures to be employed throughout the whole of the Project Management process, dealing comprehensively with issues of planning, risk control, procurement and communication.

4. Measurement Analysis and Improvement

The procedures to be employed to both monitor and measure performance.

Operating Procedures on the following are used to ensure specific application:

  • Safety Systems
  • Environmental Systems
  • Quality Systems
  • Operating Standards
  • Supporting Documentation

The control and management of this system is vested in our Quality Assurance Manager, who is responsible for both ensuring continuous standard compliance, and cascading information to Directors and staff.
All Quality Management System policies and procedures are available for review to any potential client upon request. kyoto protocol summary

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